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Dr. Gemma Perry

Dedicated to the field of mantra meditation research, and how it’s positive outcomes can impact society, Gemma scientifically investigates the effects of chanting mantras on emotional and cognitive processes. She completed her Honours, Masters of Research and PhD in the psychology of chanting at Macquarie University.

Gemma is a qualified yoga teacher, who has been practicing and studying yoga psychology and philosophy for over 10 years. She has explored various meditation techniques throughout the world and believes chanting mantras is particularly suited to the modern lifestyle and can be used as a tool to heal and discover our full human potential. Gemma has dedicated much of her study, both formally and informally, to exploring this ancient method of heightening states of awareness and promoting health and wellbeing. She regularly visits her teacher in India, deepening her own practice and exploring ways to share meditation to make it appropriate and accessible to the modern day lifestyle.

Gemma is a passionate and engaging communicator and is currently focused on sharing meditation practices and research through international science conferences, yoga festivals, charity events and workshops.


Perry, G., Polito, V., Thompson, W.F. (2023)

Exploring the Physiological and Psychological Effects of Group Chanting in Australia: Reduced Stress, Cortisol and Enhanced Social Connection. Journal of Religion and Health, 1-23.

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Perry, G., Polito, V., Sankaran, N., & Thompson, W. F. (2022). How Chanting Relates to Cognitive Function, Altered States and Quality of Life. Brain Sciences, 12(11), 1456. 

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Perry, G., Polito, V., & Thompson, W. F. (2021). Rhythmic Chanting and Mystical States across Traditions. Brain Sciences, 11(1), 101. 

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Perry, G., & Polito, V. (2021). Music and healing. In From Mozart in the office to Metallica at the gym: the psychology and science of music. Greenwood.

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Simpson, M, F., Perry, G & Thompson, W.F. (2021). Assessing Vocal Chanting as an Online Psychosocial Intervention. Frontiers in Psychology. 

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Perry, G., Polito, V & Thompson, W. F. (2016). Chanting Meditation Improves Mood
and Social Cohesion
, “Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition” [324], July 5-9, 2016, San Francisco

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Projects in Development

Post Doctoral Research at Bond University, Gold Coast

  • Neurophysiological Correlates of Mantra Meditation 

    • Working with Professor Bill Thompson, Dr Oliver Baumann and Lee Wolff on investigating the impact of mantra on neurophysiological and psychological processes

  • Universality and Diversity of Music Engagement around the World 

    • Working with Yamaha to research various types of music engagement around the world

  • Inspire! Dementia Friendly Choir on the Gold Coast

    • Working with Dementia Australia and community organisations to build and maintain a dementia friendly community - complete with chanting warm ups!

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Past Presentations

See Media page for media interviews

Australia Music & Psychology Society, Sydney,

August 2022

Media Skills for Researchers

Mind and Life Conference, online

November 2020

Chanting and Mystical States 

International Yoga Day, Indian Cultural Centre - Sydney, June 2018

The Science of Mantra

Yoga Australia Conference - Melbourne,

16-18 March 2018

Mantra as Medicine

Science of Consciousness Conference-Tucson, Arizona  

April 2016

Perry, G., Polito, V & Thompson, W. F. (2016). Chanting Meditation Improves Mood and Social Cohesion


Mind Body Spirit Festival – Sydney, Australia 

October 2016

The Science of Mantra Meditation


A Sound Life Music Facilitator Training Day- Sydney

8 April 2017

Music as Medicine


Experimental Psychology Conference – Shoal Bay

19-22 April 2017

Perry, G., Polito, V & Thompson, W. F. (2016)

Chanting Meditation Improves Mood and Social Cohesion


Nada Yoga Retreat (Mangrove Yoga)- Mangrove Creek

23 April 2017

The Science of Mantra Meditation



Past Workshops

Corporate Workshops 2019-current



Sound Medicine Workshops 2021

Science and Psychology of Mantra

Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Workshops 2019-2021

Research Skills for Yoga Therapists

Yoga for Mental Health

Yoga for Depression

Shri Yoga Studio - Brisbane, QLD, June 2018

Mantra Medicine

 NRG Yoga and Mindfulness Training - Sunshine Coast, QLD,  June 2018

Music Mind and Movement 

Yoga Australia Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  Newcastle, NSW May 2018

Mantra and Chanting Workshop 

 Yoga Australia Continuing Professional Development (CPD)  Glenbrook, NSW November 2017

Mantra Meditation: The Science of Sound

Kihei Yoga Studio - Maui, Hawaii, December 2016

 Mantra Meditation Workshop













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