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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

OM is possibly the most often chanted sound. It is believed to be the original primordial sound and so is the oldest sound in existence. Therefore, it is said that OM is the origin of all other sound and it contains all sounds. It is also a combination of both the masculine and feminine and is often used at the beginning or end of other mantras. Often pronounced A-U-M, this sound is believed to create a bridge between the spiritual and physical dimensions. The A, U and M in the pronunciation of OM are said to be the trinity of Hindu Gods, Brahma (A), Vishnu (U), Shiva (M). Also represented in the sounds are the trinity of the Gods consorts, the Goddesses, Saraswati (A), Lakshmi (U) and Durga (M). In Tibetan Buddhism, the sounds are considered to reflect the Buddha’s body (A), speech (U) and mind (M) and by chanting the sound of OM we can connect to the qualities of the Buddha. OM is said to create a bridge between the physical and spiritual plane and is similar to other sounds used in various religious traditions such as Amen in Christianity and Shalom in Judaism.


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