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Whether it is a science conference, a yoga festival, a school or workplace – seminars on the power of mantra meditation to heal, reach our full human potential and heighten states of awareness, are a fun and informative way to understand the benefits of these practices and how to establish your own practice if you don’t have one or deepen your already established practice.
The aim of these seminars is to communicate the scientific benefits of mantra meditation and how to use mantra to assist in maintaining a balanced lifestyle providing more conscious awareness, health and well-being.


“Gemma’s delivery was fantastic. She has a radiant smile which engages the entire audience!”
“A very informative talk on the connection of sound and the mind. She demonstrated that chanting practices could be so simple, yet so effective! Thank you for enlightening us!”
“Gemma presented with very clear diction which is rare these days and interest was sustained throughout the entire presentation”
“Excellent! So good!”
“So good! Gemma engaged the audience, smiled and communicated beautifully.”
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