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Dr Swami Shankardev Saraswati, Founder of Big Shakti

“Gemma is a highly intelligent, enthusiastic and articulate person who has a deep interest in her subject. I am sure that her research will be a fascinating contribution to the subject of mantra meditation and consciousness.” 


"Gemma is a beautiful young woman blessed with great charm, courage, compassion and character.  She delights in sharing her love and knowledge of Yoga, especially to the people of India to whom she brings much joy"

Joanna Goodwin, Director of North Sydney Community Centre

“Gemma’s knowledge and interest in yoga, the benefits of meditation and mantra meditation has assisted us in our programming of community events and workshops, and her insights inform our goal of providing valuable and relevant workshops to the community. Gemma is a reliable, capable and competent person with a wonderful capacity for teaching and empowering and nurturing her students.”'

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