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Workplace Mantra Meditation


What is Mantra?

  • Mantra defined

  • History of mantra meditation

  • Where, why and how mantra is used in many traditions throughout the world

  • Difference between silent and vocal mantra meditation practices

Psychological and Physiological Benefits of Mantra (with reference to scientific studies)

  • Neurological effects

  • Nervous system and vagus nerve

  • Focused attention, breath control

  • Music, rhythm, repetition, tones, vowels

  • Example of an experimental design and how it affected participants’ stress levels and emotions

Benefits of Mantra in the Workplace

  • Increased focused attention

  • Increased altruism

  • Increased problem solving ability

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Promotes good teamwork

Let’s practice

  • Exploration of practice used in scientific experiments as a group

So Many Mantras

  • Examples of various mantras and how they are used

  • Mantras that are safe and effective for everyone

  • Bija mantras and their relationship to the organs of the body

Establishing a Daily Practice

  • Time of day

  • Length of time

  • What to chant and why

  • Learn a daily practice that you can do at home or at work with your team

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