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Thursdays 8am-8:30am

Email for more details:


Chanting is a technique used by many traditions to decrease stress, enhance mindfulness, and alter states of consciousness. Chanting can slow our breathing to activate the parasympathetic nervous system helping us feel more focused and less stressed. 


These 30-minute sessions include some gentle movement, a brief explanation of mantra meditation (repetitive sound) and a simple chanting practice done sitting cross legged (on a cushion/floor) or on a chair.


We will be using the sound “Om” or you can choose to hum.


Chanting is not about what you sound like but about the psychological and physiological effect. On Zoom, everyone is muted apart from the teacher so it really doesn’t matter what you sound like! You can also choose to just listen and focus on the sound or mentally repeat the sound but I do recommend chanting aloud if you have a space to do so.


For anyone that would like to know a bit more about the science of “Zoom chanting” or “chanting and mystical states”

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